Apple organizes a great event on Sept. 10 to release its new devices

The iPhone maker is all set to send out invitation cards for its big event set on Sept. 10 to unleash its latest devices. It would be a big and awaited event organized at Apple’s head office in Cupertino, California. The giant will bring out and display its latest made iPhones, revealed a person known […]

September 5, 2013, in News, by admin

The escaped details of iPhone 5C suggests dual core processor, Siri boost and others

Rumours float for the upcoming low priced version of iPhone or the iPhone C a lot due to its videos and photos. Still not too many details are out boasting the hardware specifications and capabilities but recent leaked data suggest that it might be likely to the iPhone 5. A fresh report cites to throw […]

August 30, 2013, in News, by admin

Apple instruct developers to include classification of apps according to age criteria in the recent ‘Kids’ App Store segment

Recently Apple sent out an email asking its developers who are involved in building apps for kids below the age of 11 to sort their software in various parts in one of three age groups, which aids ease for parents to arrive at age-specific apps when the unseen “Kids” App Store category arrives along with […]

August 19, 2013, in News, by admin

The next edition of iPhone may not have drastic modifications

If your expectations fly too high for next revamped and overwhelming edition of iPhone then bury them now. Next month the much liked Apple’s iPhone is set to receive its further model. But, the modifications are few. iPhone 5 has extended screen, better resolution, new features and improved camera. Expected upcoming is iPhone 5S, which […]

August 16, 2013, in News, by admin

Get deals from Apple for replacement of third-party chargers

In order to solve issues that occurred previous month with a Chinese lady due to a third-party charger, Apple has declared deals that extend 2 months replacement for small fee of $10. The giant will initiate this deal from August 16 which will last till October 18. During this duration Apple device users can take […]

August 6, 2013, in News, by admin

Apple’s affection towards the big sized iPad suggests imitation of Microsoft

Analysts suggest the new could be ’2-in-1′ in the plans, the Surface-style iOS tablet. Reports expose Apple’s affection in a big sized iPad boasting of 13 inches of screen size and when this is compared to the attachable tablet to a keyboard, it is similar to that of competitor Microsoft’s device. “A 13-in. iPad would […]

July 25, 2013, in News, by admin

Tips To Hire Professional iPhone Application Developer

The world of apps and smart phones has experienced a metamorphosis of sorts and has swiftly risen in popularity. With new heights being achieved almost every time, growth is doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to stagnation. Take a look around and you would notice how every business or venture, either online or otherwise, is […]

July 16, 2013, in Articles, by HiD Admin