Analysts suggest the new could be ’2-in-1′ in the plans, the Surface-style iOS tablet. Reports expose Apple’s affection in a big sized iPad boasting of 13 inches of screen size and when this is compared to the attachable tablet to a keyboard, it is similar to that of competitor Microsoft’s device.

“A 13-in. iPad would be an improved productivity device, particularly when connected by a wireless keyboard, [and] would be like a Windows 8 detachable,” said Patrick Moorhead, chief analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy. “The improvement in content creation and editing [would come from] being able to see more of the content.”

Others along with Moorhead visualize a big iPad – Apple’s renowned tablet line owns optimum size of 9.7 inches – that can now be a hybrid of dual functioning like PC and the touchscreen tablets.

Apple Microsoft - ©

Apple Microsoft

The software giant – MS has taken a major chance in the 2 in 1 device so as to boost sales and pushes OEM partners to come out with more innovative solutions for something that can stand as a PC. Apple’s recent news state that the company has demanded the designs and prototypes of a big 13 inches size screen from its parts suppliers.

The new Apple device may hold a place between its present line of tablets and its Macbook Air notebook. An analyst of Technology Business Research says “Apple long ago gave up the keyboard-based device market outside of the wealthiest countries,” signalling to Apple’s tiny share in the PC market. “But with the price and portability of a tablet, a way to couple the keyboard with the tablet and some basic windowing in iOS, they could complement the MacBook Air on the lower [price] end” she added.

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