If your expectations fly too high for next revamped and overwhelming edition of iPhone then bury them now. Next month the much liked Apple’s iPhone is set to receive its further model. But, the modifications are few. iPhone 5 has extended screen, better resolution, new features and improved camera.

Expected upcoming is iPhone 5S, which will also own the regular potential like better camera, upgraded processor and storage, revealed Gene Munster, an analyst.

“This is an incremental release,” Munster says.

The iPhone maker could make out a fresh strike. Once when it had rigid hold on the smartphone market has already facing downfall.

It did sell increased number of its smartphone series in the quarter – 31.9 million that is higher from 28.9 million a year ago. But, iPhone maker is far behind the no. 1 leader Samsung, which successfully sold 71.4 million smartphones, higher from earlier 45.6 million.

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Apple iPhone

To get the same hold again, Apple has option to extend a low-cost, plastic model of iPhone for budget-conscious clients, area where Android wins,

Apple’s solution is to offer a cheaper, plastic version of the iPhone in addition to the new 5S for cost-conscious consumers, a segment where Android is strong, says Van Baker, an analyst with Gartner.

Rumours float that there are chances of big screened iPhone 5S with new fingerprint technology for high security.

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